We are a company with 17 years of experience in providing comprehensive e-learning and blended learning solutions to improve training processes in educational institutions, businesses and organizations, and aligning them with their objectives, so they obtain the best results.

We specialize in the integration of knowledge management platforms with other administration and management tools, that make up Talent Management System (TMS) environments, in the corporate environment, or Academic Management Systems (SGA), in the education sector. We integrate Office365 to Moodle, on Azure.

We have the experience, knowledge and freedom to identify the most appropriate solutions for each client and project, depending on their objectives, to become more of a strategic partner than a supplier.

We work with regional partners to give our customers better alternatives: Microsoft, D2L, Meta4, CAE, Cardinal System and Ofir LATAM (an Adobe PLATINUM Partner).

We utilize Evolution, the extended version of Moodle to meet all the current requirements organizations may have.

At the cutting edge of the market, we provide comprehensive consultation for the development of training projects in businesses, universities and organizations, focused on the development of talent and obtaining results, providing experience and an artistic, analytical, pedagogical and technological skill set, with a qualified team of project coordinators, educators, screenwriters, computer scientists, graphic designers and quality control experts, who guarantee an excellent service from the beginning to the implementation of the project, which is then maintained during the execution of the project through our Customer Website.

The e-ABC Learning team is comprised of specialists in a range of disciplines, for whom complementarity and collaborative working are the fundamental principles for developing a long term quality service, working together to get the best of each staff member for the benefit of the team that forms and drives the company day by day.

Our team is made up of professional experts in computer technology, comprehensive project consulting, graphic and pedagogical design, communications, customer service and talent management.