Gain more control over your training processes and improve your results! ELAS is the Analytics system developed by e-ABC learning that statistically processes the data generated on it and stores it on its LMS platform Provide a broad description of the current status of each course and participant, anticipate dropout risks, motivate students, increase retention, plan and improve results. Analyze, diagnose and correct your projects in real time:
Strengthen and expand your training projects with Evolution, our expanded version of Moodle. Evolution offers multi-device access, custom login, custom design and 360° feedback, for an agile and effective learning experience. Evolution is integrated with Office 365 and runs on Azure or on an organization’s private servers. Discover and enjoy the benefits of an LMS that adapts to the needs of each individual organization:
Create more attractive and stimulating learning experiences. A range of courses in the Netflix format, where each user chooses the micro content most appropriate to their needs. Expand your learning opportunities, empower your work teams and foster interactive and responsible learning. Customize your training offer and generate higher levels of engagement!
Leading educational institutions around the world use Open eDX to strengthen their training processes and offer open knowledge to a greater number of people. Open edX combines pedagogical strategies to provide learning and access to knowledge in an agile, fast and accessible way, from different geographical locations We are the only company that implements Open edX for the development of MOOCs courses in Argentina! Expand your learning efforts with open eDX!
Innovate your training sessions with Live Escape Room, a gamification methodology for synchronous virtual meetings aimed at solving problems. Live Escape Room adapts to any theme, developing logical reasoning skills and encouraging research. Generate high impact training experiences with Live Escape Room!
Promote social learning and the acquisition of collaborative skills. Offer each student the chance to see their current, past and future courses, the most viewed courses by other participants, and recommendations according to their preferences and expected skills for a given job. Social Evolution is an intuitive solution that allows interaction between users to share knowledge.

Promote effective training processes, which are accessible from mobile devices, with simulations and gamification! We generate customized content in a didactic, interactive and multimedia format, including instructional design, computer processing and standardized design. We develop and adapt customized open source LMS platforms for each individual organization, with customized reports, modified functionalities and new modules.

We offer our experience to collaborate on the configuration and planning of effective training strategies. We also offer advice on the conceptualization and planning of online training programs and blended learning. We offer an analysis of your needs and a definition of your requirements, planning and the comprehensive management of projects, selection and evaluation of computer applications, along with a workshop of good practices. In addition, we provide integration, development and adaptation of systems; technical-functional support and assistance; and administration and management of Moodle platforms.
Incorporate extended reality into your formative processes and enrich them! We implement and manage presentations and training sessions with virtual and augmented reality models. Join the digital transformation and improve your results!