We engage with each of our projects in an open and transparent way. Based on the needs and requirements of our clients, we work alongside them to find the best solution, which allows them to achieve the desired results, by offering:

Comprehensive Training Solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions to improve the training processes and improve the development of work teams and organizations, aligning them with the business objectives of each client.

Quality and Transparency

The deal with our clients is open and sincere. We are fully involved in each of the projects, taking on board and understanding the needs of our customers to offer a range of alternatives, and provide a comprehensive response to their needs, becoming more of a strategic partner than a supplier.

Troubleshooting and Flexibility

Based on the objectives and needs of our clients, we work together with them, listen to them, and attend to them in search for the solution that best meets their expectations within the required deadlines. Integral to their needs, we become more of a strategic partner than a supplier.

Technological Independence

We have the experience, knowledge and freedom to identify the most appropriate technological solutions for each client and each project. We have the ability to select, evaluate, integrate and implement Open Source and proprietary tools.

Investigation + Development + Innovation

Technologies are changing and evolving. In parallel to that, new needs are emerging that need to be resolved within institutions, companies and organizations. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate, develop and be fully up to date, in order to attend to each new requirement with the most appropriate solution. It is important to establish broad horizons that allow the anticipation of future challenges.

E-learning professionalization

To maximize the objectives of each project, we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals that interact and integrate into the production chain, adding value to the final result. We offer artistic, pedagogical and technological expertise for content creation and in the provision of computing tools.

We are a specialized company, with more than 15 years of international experience in the development of e-learning and blended learning solutions for institutions, organizations and businesses, attending to the specific needs of each client.

International Standards

E-learning standards allow computing systems and contents to interact and combine with a high level of independence. Therefore, we develop projects according to the main industry standards: Tin Can API, as a modern and flexible specification, which allows you to register any type of experience that contributes to people's training, and represents an evolution on SCORM, the fundamental standard of platforms and content; The standards that e-ABC Learning complies with also cover issues such as accessibility and ISO standards.

A human vision of technology

The human factor is key to the success of e-learning. We understand and apply a person-centered perspective in the projects.